About Sovereign Insurance Australia

We value collaboration and seek to understand our partner's goals and customer needs; we aim to deliver for all stakeholders through bespoke digital systems and tailored insurance products. Our current product offering includes a long-established automotive portfolio; however, in recent years, we have established a firm position in other markets, including Travel, Rental excess and Pet insurance.

We are resourceful, innovative, and passionate; our team has a proven track record working with partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and Northern America. Collectively, we bring decades of industry knowledge and experience to the table as we work with our partners to provide effective solutions.

Australia's regulatory standards are among the highest in the world. Our customer-centric mindset and in-house team of developers ensure we keep pace with the regulatory climate. Our systems insulate our partners against the concerns of conduct risk through sophisticated algorithms, validations, and purpose built API's.

As the world changes, so do personal and commercial risk exposures. Sovereign Insurance Australia is more than an insurance company; we are an innovation platform, an ideas hub combining creative thinking and new technology with established underwriting principles.

Sovereign Insurance Australia creates viable and commercial insurance solutions, utilising models including Captives, Quota share, Co-insurance and Stop loss agreements. For clients that have secured the required capacity, we can assist you with fronting services and Claims handling, streamlining operations and mitigating conduct risk.

Our Values

We are not in the business of selling insurance; we create products that consumers and businesses want to buy!

Insurance 101 "the premium of the many pay for the claims of the few". While this is as true today as it has ever been, this ideology has been shaped and misshaped over the years. Our products are engineered with the end user in mind, and we strive to ensure that our products are:

  1. Easy to understand, with clear wording and claims examples.
  2. Fit for purpose, with accessible benefits with expected claims outcomes.
  3. Supported by a simple claims process, which is underpinned by our award-winning claims call centre.

We are in a continuous state of innovation and acknowledge the fast pace and fluctuations of today's consumer and business needs. Our executive team subscribes to an infinite business mindset, which creates an internal competitive drive for improvement (we compete against ourselves).

Our People. Your Partners

Our people are at the heart of our business and they are fully committed to delivering for you and your business. They are experts in their field and truly understand the nuances of bespoke insurance solutions and as such are both agile and purposeful in their mission to deliver for you and your customers. We’re proud of our team and they are proud to be part of a business that continues to go from strength to strength. At Sovereign Insurance Australia we are dedicated to leading the way in the delivery of unique specialist insurance solutions throughout our partnership community.